How to make a DIY simple bauble necklace (video)

Few necklaces are as fun to wear or as simple to make as a bauble necklace. A "bauble" is showy by definition, so the key here is to go for bling -- beads that sparkle and catch the eye are perfect for this project!
In the video below C.L. Cao uses a toggle clasp to secure her necklace, a good choice for a heavily beaded strand. Other good choices for a heavy necklace, according to Craftsy, are a spring ring or a lobster claw clasp. Watch Cao's video to view guided instructions from start to finish.
Materials needed
Assorted beads and/or pearls
Bead caps (optional)
Head pins
Jump rings, extra strong
Large chain (optional)
Clasp (spring ring, lobster claw or toggle clasp is recommended)
Wire cutters
1) Prepare the beads or pearls, if desired. In the video, Cao used clear glass beads and provided some color and contrast by attaching gold bead caps to some of them. Mix and match or go for a monochrome effect -- whatever you like!
2) Create charms. Put a head pin through each bead and use the wire cutter to snip off the end opposite the head, leaving a little sticking out past the top of the bead (actual length will vary according to materials being used). Then use the pliers to twist the end into a closed loop. Do this for each bead until you have a pile of charms.
3) Create and link a chain of clusters. Thread three charms onto a jump ring, then close it. Thread two charms onto a second jump ring; attach it to the first jump ring, then close it. Repeat this step, alternating clusters of three and two charms and linking them together in a chain. Stop when you have reached the desired length; Cao's example is 7 to 8 inches (17.8 to 20.3 centimeters) long, but if you want to create a full-length bauble necklace, keep going!
4) Attach chain, if desired. Use jump rings to attach your chain at each end if your baubles aren't full-length.
5) Attach clasp.
Bauble necklaces are simple to make and are easily personalized, so they make incredible gifts. Use beads of different sizes, shapes, and colors to reflect the recipient's personality and interests. Create matching earrings or a centerpiece for the necklace for an extra-special touch!
Resources iamKayElle and Craftsy

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